Experts downplay concerns of a Coronation crisis after royal writer Anthony Holden mentioned King Charles’s ceremony could be revoked due to his 1994 affair testimony

Top experts have ignored a spectacular claim that King Charles’ crowning could inspire a national crisis due to his revelation of infidelity.

On Friday, Anthony Holden, the author of a life story of the King, decided to write to The Guardian newspaper, contending that any crowning would almost certainly be incorrect.

‘The Church of England never has honoured a divorced father as King, much less even one who has openly admitted to infidelity — with the applicable woman hoping to be declared the winner Queen Consort,’ Holden wrote.

The late Robert Runcie told me that revising the crowning oath would necessitate a new law of Parliament.

‘Given the conference that Parliament does not discuss the royal family alone without monarch’s permission, the Prime Minister would need to ask approval from King Charles.

This, according to Runcie, would constitute a national crisis. ‘It is clear that King has followed the Church’s rules.

Rowan Williams, I believe, is in a stronger place to perceive Church rules than Anthony Holden.’ ‘I can’t figure out what the issue is,’ said king’s biographer Hugo Vickers.

Narrator has been bitter against the King for many years. To him, I will indeed say, ‘Times change.’

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