Fans defend Margot Robbie after a’misogynist’ pushback for the Babylon airstrikes at the box office

Despite being one of the most expected films of the season, Brad Pit and Margot Robie’s Babylon has underperformed at the box office.

The Damien Chazele-written and aimed film, which further spotlights Diego Calvaa, Jen Smartt, Jovan Adep, Lii Jun Li, and Tobe Magure, has already received Golden Globe and Reviewers Choice Award nominations, but the buzz hasn’t helped sell tickets.

The movie, which shows individual characters in during increase of films in the 1921s, has been likened to Amsterdam, which further stars Margot and shelled at the box office.

Margot’s supporters have come to her defense after’misogynistic’ twitter posts accused her for the two movies’ failures.

‘The way they keep blaming her for such flip — flop as if they aren’t also prompted by men hollywood actors who have been in the game too long than she,’ one fan posted.

Yet, as the film becomes darker, stranger, and crueler, it also becomes fresher. Since the true love here is with movie theater.

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