Firefighters rescued an exhausted panther puppy, and he has since grown stronger and fatter, resembling Simba from the animated film «The Lion King.»

Firemen figured out how to save a cougar fledgling who was depleted to the point that he could remain on his feet from hunger.

He was promptly moved to the shelter, where, because of proper consideration, the frail fledgling transformed into an attractive hunter in a month.

Heros from the American Forest Service nearby the town of Idyllwilde in California heard a peaceful squeak and went to the sound.

A fireman named Joe and his associate Nick rushed to track down a feline transporter, and when they returned, they tracked down a wild little cat there, and his mom won’t ever come.

The men immediately sent a cougar into the vehicle and went to the natural life place in San Diego.

Veterinarians inspected the child and observed that it was a female, and her age is something like three months.

Presently the child weighs 10kg and seems to be a genuine hunter. Ostensibly, she looks extraordinarily like Simba from the clique animation The Lion King.

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