Following floating into the female box, a guinea pig becomes the father of 400 children

Staff in the animal center couldn’t comprehend the reason why they unexpectedly had 101pregnant guinea pigs, until they found one of the male rodents who had figured out how to escape from his nook and invade the female-just fenced in area.

They saw that the depleted dad had lost a touch of weight, however they didn’t understand the reason why until they found that he was really a male rat kept occupied in some unacceptable pen.

The creature center, which previously had male and female guinea prepared itself for a populace blast.

Supervisor Richie expressed: «One of male guinea pigs figured out how to observe his direction into the female fenced in area and lived it up it appears.

«We suspect that a kid might have returned him to some unacceptable pen by accident in the wake of petting him or Randy might have some way or another got away from his walled in area to get to the females.»

«The staff remarked that he looked somewhat more slender than previously. Presently he’s brought together with his male companions, he obviously has a ton to gloat about.»

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