For feeding, Ukrainian zookeepers stayed with carrots and dogs

Two Ukrainian attendants had remained behind after the attack to deal with the creatures, the proprietor said.

Alex said the ‘brilliant and gallant’s men were holding cans containing carrots and canine food when they were found by Ukrainian warriors.

A deliberate departure exertion has been occurring at the broken park, with workers and volunteers risking their lives to save creatures.

‘They stood firm on the footholds of managers. After the episode of the conflict, they were among the rare sorts of people who didn’t leave the creatures they took care of.’

They had been absent for over a month.

The Kremlin’s powers had endeavored to progress through the north-eastern area.

Not satisfactory was in charge of the region at that point, yet at the beginning of the attack, Russia attempted to convey unique powers and saboteurs trying to hold onto key targets, including Kyiv.

We showed up at the Ecopark on March 7 and didn’t track down them there.

We looked for them for quite a while, attached with police officers. Until the last, we had been trusting that nothing irremediable had occurred, and they had the option to make due.

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