For the first time, a dog who has spent 12 years in a shelter gets to sleep in a new bed

A creature was brought to the shelter when he was about 1 yearold and has lived in the shelter most of his life.

Stue started to worry that he would spend the rest of his life in the shelter after two unsuccessful adoptions and returns.

Stue joined an animal shelter in 2007, but he isn’t the only one who has lived there for most of his life.» As a result, I shared his story in the internet.

«I first learned about Stue from that video of his intake paperwork. «Stue had a lot of people who wanted to adopt him, but I knew he’d fit right in with my family.»

Snyder drove to meet Stue because he couldn’t resist.

But once he got there, Stue suddenly stopped being available because the shelter thought Stue should spend the rest of his life there because he had spent so much of his life with them.

«They called me a day later when I got home,» Snyder said. Stue could be taken, and I would be able to take him with me.

Stue is gradually coming to believe in this opportunity to live out his remaining days in peace.

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