For the past seven years, a kind dog who loves to cuddle has been looking for a home

Seven years prior, a couple observed Chico getting into a fight for certain different canines.

She was a tiny bit of doggy then, at that point, and they carried her to Animal Care Shelter to get her the assistance she wanted for her wounds.

Chico has now been at the sanctuary for north of seven years. She’s lived there essentially as long as she can remember and has gone from puppyhood to nearly her brilliant years without a family.

She likewise has such a lot of happiness and love inside her, as well, and it’s unmistakable how gravely she needs to give all of that to one fortunate family.

Chico continues to get neglected by potential adopters since she’s so anxious around individuals she doesn’t have the foggiest idea.

When she gets used to you, however, she simply needs to nestle and be cherished.

At the point when given the right reality, Chico can frame the most extraordinary bonds with individuals. It’s only difficult to see that when somebody initially meets her.

Truly what Chico needs more than anything more is for somebody to give her a Chico.

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