For this orphaned newborn horse, a rescue dog becomes an odd guardian angel

Zip, a three-year-old Australian Cattle Dog, has become extremely defensive of a pony..

She said: ‘He licks and nestles her and he remains close by the entire time, ensuring she’s OK, he even rests close to her around evening time.

‘This is whenever he’s consistently focused on a foal first like this.

‘He normally takes a gander at the ponies and continues strolling, no interest, however he’s taken to this one so much, he lays on her and they lay their heads on one another.

‘It’s astounding the bond these two have.’ The foal, who is yet to be named, was conceived recently, however after nine days her mom, a palomino yearling, turned out to be sick.

‘That evening Zip was laying there with the foal,’ said Karla. ‘It just made meextremely upset… the canine was crying and whimpering and I began crying as well.

‘I believe he’s embraced the little foal as his child since he maintains that her should know she’s in good company, she is just 13 days old, I’m happy he’s there to encourage her.’

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