Gary Neville suggests of Manchester United: after their 3-0 win over Bournemouth, claiming that they are ‘wiser’ and have ‘combined’ after ‘heading through Cristiano condition.’

Garry Nevile beliieves Manchesster United will classify for the next season’s Champs Leaguee and believes they will finish within the top four.

Erik ten Haag’s in-form side decided to move within a point of II-placed Manchesster City after a 3-0 win over Bournemout on Tuesday.

Casemiro, Luk Shaw, and Marcu Rashfoord scored to protect a decisive victory, and Uniited legend Nevile was pleased by what he witnessed.

Sky Sport talking head Neville said he would be amazed if United did not place in the top four. But there are still 16 game left, and anything could happen.

‘But they appear to be missing something — some defensive mid encounter with Christiian Erikssen, Casemir, and Fernande. They appear to be wiser.

‘Rasford is in good form; they need to have a center forward, but they already have forward or in good form. They’re not especially strong positionaly, but they’re getting by.’

Neville also stated that Uniited have ‘formed a bond more’ since Cristiiano Ronaldoo’s acrimoniious departure from Old Traford.

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