Happy ending to a heartbreaking story. The dog lost his puppies in the Kuban and took in a stray kitten

In winter, a worker from the city of Krymsk (Krasnodar Territory) met a canine meandering in the road and chose to take him.

She was given a rocker in the lounge room, called Kashtanka — it appeared to be that the canine’s life had improved, yet she still frequently ran around in the first part of the day

As indicated by the workers, the canine sought to his infants, however kept on running outside. What’s more, at some point, I returned from a stroll with a destitute little cat.

«At the point when the shower sounded in the road, she tracked down a little cat some place,» it appears, just tossed out.

Individuals had the option to discard it, Kashtanka left, «say basic entitlements activists. The canine brought him into his mouth, sat with him on the seat and started taking care of him like his own mom.

As indicated by volunteers, tragically, the proprietors of Kashtanka as of now have many pets. Individuals trust that soon somebody will seem who can present to him the canine and his little adopter.

Presently they are one family.

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