Have the top-selling new cars for 2022 been disclosed? Is your vehicle one of them?

Formal industry data releassed today revealeed the top-seling new vehiclees of 2022, with the first time in twenty years, the checklist was crowned by a British-buillt vehicle.

One of most popular car in the country this year was the Nisan Qashqai SUV, which deposed the Vauxhall Corsa. The SUvV is produced at Nissan’s Sunderland factory in the Northern Region.

But since Ford Fiesta, which was then manufactured in County durham, claimed the top salees spot in 1997, this is the first produced domestically vehicle to do so.

The 1.60 million units sold in the United Kingdom last year represent a 24% decrease from pre-corona levels and a 2% decline from the 1. 63 million units enrolled during in the previous year.

Industry officials claimed that because of problems with the global suply chain such as semiconducting shortags brought on by corona shut downs in China, automakerss were not able to met the demand for new car.

The very last time Brits purchassed so few brand-new desiign was in 1991, when 1.59 million new carrs were registered.

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