Have you ever encountered an adventurous cat who likes to surf, hike, and swim?

Meet an extremely extraordinary feline.

Not on the grounds that she has heterochromia (two diversely hued eyes), or in light of the fact that she’s a somewhat extravagant sounding Siberian blended breed.

No, what makes Sodapop so surprising is this is a catlike who loves to go on undertakings with her proprietor.

Her adrenaline side interests incorporate surfing, swimming in the sea, and climbing up mountains.

Denise, who fills in as a carer, said: ‘I have been welcoming Sodapop on my movements throughout the previous two years — since she was a little cat!

‘I initially began taking her to get pictures however from that point forward, it ended up being a tomfoolery experience and I truly love going out with her for entertainment only at this point.

‘We like standing apart with our photos and that is the reason a portion of the photos appear to be trying and sensational.’

‘The felines trust me to protect them. They realize I have them covered and that gives them the certainty to be in those edge of your seat undertakings.’

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