Have you ever seen so many different creatures coexisting and enjoying their lives under one roof?

A canine, a feline, and a parrot live together. They not only play around each other, but they also walk as part of a «group.»

They don’t appear to be bothered by the fact that they are from separate species. It turns out that there is no limitation to animal friendship.

A young girl named Chantal brings the creatures together under one roof. Because the owner is a cook, all of her animals have «eatable» names.

Although the owner was concerned about the feline and parrot living together, they soon realized a single understanding.

The cat and the bird not only stroll together, but the four-legged man even rides the parrot on his back. She knew then that it was a good idea and that animals could coexist peacefully.

Another rescued kitten joined the pleased team a few months ago. Chocolate, the little one, quickly became a permanent member of the «group» of animals.

Now they all leave together and are very happy to have each other.

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