How a dog assists a mother in her search for keys

Erno has always been adept at discovering things. Then when his mother lost her keys while strolling, Erno knew that there was no reason to worry — he was immediately on the situation.

«I considered I’d be searching for them personally,» Erno’s mother said. «Once I discovered I could give Erno a chance.»

Hannah wondered if her dog could find such a small object among the long grass as she watched him tirelessly detect the roadside.

But afterwards she noticed Erno happily wheeling back towards her, the keys clinking in his tongue. Erno, as usual, didn’t expect anything in return; he was simply happy to assist.

«When he finds things, he doesn’t ask for treats or anything,» Hannah explained. While Erno is eager to assist his mother physically, he is also skilled at offering emotional assistance.

Hannah stated, Enzo has certainly returned me and up once more. I have a feeling that the brightest is yet to come with Erno.

If it’s a lost pair of keys or a missing strong connection, big-hearted Erno is happy to assist his mother in finding whatever she requires.

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