How and why a pit bull who ‘dislikes’ cats finally adopts one

Baron has always had a big heart — but he’s never been a cat lover. Actuality, for whatever purpose, he seemed to dislike them.

But that has actually changed. The owner of Baron, returned home the next day to an unusual incident. A strange kitten had appeared on her roof, looking lonely and desperate.

«I’m not sure how he ended up getting there or where he arrived from, but we saved him and managed to bring him in,» Anton explained.

Moreover, after several days of looking for a new home for the cat, Anton returned from work to find that he’d already been adopted — by none other than Baron himself.

And with that, Anton’s initiatives to find the kitten a permanent home were broken. «My dog truly adopted him,» Anton explained. «They presently were always together.»

What actually started as just the revelation of a homeless kitten on their building has gone on to improve Anton and Baron’s lives, along with the little cat’s.

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