How did a dog become mayor of a city in California?

Indeed, it’s anything but a joke: Max, a brilliant retriever, was chosen chairman of the city in the late spring of 2012. Max’s proprietor works in the city chairman’s office.

Max, 8, was city hall leader for the  half of his life. The canine started to «work» when he was around 11 weeks old.

He understands what to do when he is in broad daylight. He adores individuals, loves to posture for photographs and just loves his work — says the proprietor.

It is an unassuming community in California with around 3,800 occupants. It is situated in the mountains.

Sometime in the distant past there was a neighborhood creature security association lobbying for the chairman of the city. The mission was special since individuals couldn’t take an interest, just creatures.

As the canine was extremely famous among the occupants of the city, the lady tracked down a doggy from Max’s family and took the little one for her.

The new canine was named Max and was quickly chosen city chairman. Simultaneously as the new chairman Max, his siblings, who «likewise serve» the city, show up in the city.

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