How do dogs like to spend their vacations?

Our four-legged companions, similar to us, love Sunday trips in the open country. Practically all canines who live in condos in the city are lacking moving.

What’s more, at the dacha, there is such a space for canines: outside air, an ocean of daylight, you can run and play the entire day, swim in tanks.

Many canines have even learned words like «dacha», «woodland», «meaning».

When they hear these words, something extraordinary starts: creatures immediately revive, start to follow the proprietor’s heels so they are not incidentally forgotten at home.

What an euphoric little face the pup has, he likewise goes to the dacha with his darling proprietor!

This pup is obviously stewing something. There is continuously something to do with the dacha, for instance wood cutting.

On the site, nobody can disrupt sunbathing. It’s a genuine satisfaction.

You can likewise clean up at the dacha. Do your four-legged friends like the opportunity to expend energy in the great outdoors? It is very important to spend time with your lovely creatures!

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