How does Lino express his gratitude to the guy who saved his life ten years ago?

For a considerable length of time, this man’s morning starts with the companion of his dearest and her mom, whose life he saved quite a while back.

The lion was a couple of months old when this man saved his life, and presently their mornings start with nestles.

They are together consistently after the episode, they get to know each other. They are valid companions. The language of affection is general for everybody.

The delegate of untamed life with people is genuinely surprising. Valentin says the lion named Sirga is so kind and adoring that he loves to nestle.

During these 10 years he has not seen any animosity with his lion. Valentine took him to an exceptional creature security focus.

It was here that their companionship started, they fortified and became hopelessly enamored. Creature and man have become dearest companions.

Valentin says that this lion is special, one of the creatures he has experienced during his long stretches of work.

The most intriguing trait of Nira is that she gets a kick out of the chance to snuggle.

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