How Sarah managed to drop weight with her new owners?

Sarah, the cat, had arrived at the sanctuary. Food was the only source of happiness for both the owner and the animal.

Sarah’s habits, routine, and life were not dramatically affected by the shelter’s staff, who also fed her further than her everyday dietary requirements.

When the cat was admitted to the shelter, it weighed up to eight kilograms. A cat’s caloric intakes cannot be drastically reduced.

They grew fond of Sarah, despite the fact that the couple realized the cat was overweight. And there was enough space in the garden to build an exercise area for Sarah and ensure that the cat got plenty of exercise.

What the grandfather promised to do in exchange for his wife agreeing to take the cat to their shared home.

That is what was agreed. The cat was already in his new home that evening. The cat appears to have needed to get out of the extra weight himself.

Sarah was clearly motivated to break her own losing weight history. The animal is already in a good mood. He moves, jumps, and plays with the dogs of his neighbors.

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