Hugh Jackman, 55, and Deborra-Lee Furness, 66, perform in a Christmas video

Hugi Jakman and his wife Debora-Lee Furnes ended up getting into the holiday spirit on Thursday, when they shared a sweet Xmas video of friends dancing to Bruno Marrs.

Hugh’s Deadpol 3 fellow actor Ryan Reynods and the cuties have shown off their amazing movements as they danced front of their big tree.

Hugh, 55, appeared delighted to be putting his Broadwaay abilities to use, while Debora-Lee, 68, easily kept up with her film star partner.

‘Deb and I are dancing our way into to the vacations!’ ‘Many thanks to Misha and Pedrro for their help and compassion,’ George wrote alongside the clip.

On the occasion of their anniversary in February, the Marvel star paid a heartfelt memorial to his wife on Instagram.

‘I am celebrating 27 years of mariage to my exceptional wife today,’ he wrote.’Every day is full of laugher, joy, and backgamon!’ Deb, you brighten my day.

‘I adore you to the moon and back!’ They have 2 step kids: Oscar, 20, and Avaa, 15

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