In his explain autobiography, Prince Harry claims he really Wasn’t William’s best man and did not make a speech, stating it was all a «naked lie.»

Hary has stated that he was made to accept his brother’s «naked lie» that he was the best person at his marriage.

As per his explosiv autobiography, Spare, the Duke disclosed his gap with his older relative intended ‘Willy didn’t desire me offering a best person’s talk.

In an unusually personal testimony, Hary claims he was pushed to play the role of groom in order to spare the palettes of Prince Wiliam’s 2 best mates.

The Duke was officialy recognized as his brother’s best man at the weding and even started riding in a Bentley with his dad and future King to Westminster Abey that same day.

But, in the newest of a series ‘ thrown at the Royal Family, Hary asserts that the best man ruse was purely for display, and that his brother’s friends, Jams Mede and Tomas Van Straubenze, delivered the conventional speech at the receiving.

Instead of Princ Hary, good friends homas Vaan Straubenze (left) and Jams Mead (right) delivered the commonly used to define man’s spech at the couple’s receiving. In those other claims, the Princ claims that Wiliam was ‘pretty drunk on last night’s rum’ when he met peopl on the Mal by Buckingam Palace just hour prior to actually his marriage to Kat.

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