In reply to Joe Lycett’s tearing stunt, David Beckham’s team says it’s ‘optimistic’ that a ‘discussion has been prompted’ around the Qatar World Cup

After failing to back out of his mega pound agreement with World Cup host Qatar, David Beckam has finally replied to Joe Lycet’s cash stunt with a declaration for the comedian’s Channel 4 show.

Lycett, 35, gave the former footballer an official notice last month: either end his service agreement with the country, where homosexualty remains ilegal, or he would decimate £11,000 of his personal money.

Beckham, 48, did not openly react at the moment, with Lycett following through on his risk to decimate the money on a live broadcast, despite the fact that the funds was eventually discovered to be a forgery and that he had made a donation it to LGBTQ+ charitable organizations.

Even so, Beckam’s team finally provided the TV host with a declaration to peruse throughout a special edition of Joie Lycet’s Got Your Bak, Joe Lycet vs Beckam: Got Your Back at Christmas time, which broadcasted on Friday evening.

‘We comprehend that there are distinct and deeply held viewpoints about interaction in the Midle East, but we see it as an optimistic that discussion about the major issues has been straight prompted by the town’s first World Cup.’

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