In the shelter, puppy brothers console each other by keeping paws

This adorable puppies. are bonded, and they have the cutest means of interacting — they love to hold paws.

«Some other salvage reached out and asked us to take them,» said Sarah Kerr, lead volunteer at Humane Societ.

«They usually deal with special needs pups, and these dogs are all in good health, so they were able to stay with us.»

Frito and Rufles have 8 other siblings, but when the chance arises, they like to hold hands.

«Whenever they’re resting, they all cozy up close,» Kerr said. «This was a cute moment that was captured on camera.»

Frito and Rufles enjoy playing with toys and relaxing on one of the shelter’s pleasant dog beds when they aren’t hugging each other. They’re doing everything together.

«They are friendly, playful, and cute,» Kerr said.»Our town is fortunate in that all rescues collaborate to save existences,» Kerr said. «They will all be vaccinated, taken to the vet.

Although none of the 12-week-old pups are ready to go to their permanent homes just yet, Rufles and Frito are likely to stick together until the moment arises.

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