In Ukraine, a vet is putting his life on the line to save hundreds of animals

The 32-year-old made an excursion into the zone last week as a feature of a caravan from Przemyśl, on the Polish boundary.

In the past fortnight he has safeguarded around 200 felines and 60 canines from Lviv, in three guards.

The course is incredibly perilous and the creatures, who are regularly in unfortunate condition as of now, find the excursion upsetting.

Other rescued creatures include a Sphinx cat clothed in a knitted sweater who enjoys cuddling and a Chihuahua puppy rescued with its mother.

Jakub intends to retain Sasha, a two-month-old pygmy goat youngster with limb difficulties rescued from Lviv.

The middle is getting a wheelchair for a canine named Vira, matured seven, who has the shot in her back.

Jakub set off from Poland around early afternoon on Tuesday and returned at 3am.

Professing to have not dozed for five days subsequently, he made sense of: ‘The excursion from Lviv is one day and we crossed the line with a political pass however the line from Ukraine was extremely lengthy.

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