Is this a trick performed by the dog when he sees stairs, or is it due to a medical condition

The behavior of this dog has impressed his family, as he pretends to limp when he sees the stairs, with the purpose of being carried by his parents and carried up to the end.

Tito was adopted by his family at the end of August.

Since his arrival, his parents have had a lot of fun getting to know all his behaviors and have learned that he is the kindest dog they have ever met.

Tito loves walks, but hates when the tour is over, so he frequently performs different tricks to make them last longer.

Although they have only been sharing their lives for a short time, the adorable dog and his parents have already had many disagreements for this and other reasons.

Tito’s owners were very concerned that his refusal to take the stairs was because he was in pain from his medical issues.

But they quickly figured out the real reason, and that is that the capricious little dog just didn’t feel like going up the stairs.

They don’t know what his past life was like, but they are willing to give him the best possible life.

Even if they have to put up with a little stubbornness.

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