Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck sang a duet at a celebrity party

Jenifer Lopez was noticed stylish all over L.a. on Thursday, seemingly doing some last-minute Xmas shoping.

For her newest trip, the 54-year-old superstar showed off her awesomely knotted dancer’s belly in a neatly trimmed set of snowy white sweat pants.

The Jennifer From The Block pop star wore her satiny curls in an upstyle to highlight her distinctive features.

Her most recent curvy outing emerges after she hosted a celebrity Xmas party with her 4th and most recent hubby, Ben Affleck.

Kim Kardashian and Billie Eilish, as well as Doja Cat and Vanessa Hudgens, were all in participation.

When the singalong part of the evening began, ‘Jennifer’ joined influences for a co — star of the John Legend song.

According to Us Weekly, by Xmas Eve.Pulp bass player Stevie Mackey preceded the perfect pair at the piano, and at the conclusion of the song, the sweethearts decided to share a kiss in front of crowd.

‘Ben and Jen have already been having just too much enjoyment getting prepared for Xmas,’ says a source.

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