Justin Bieber has postponed indefinitely his long journey in order to ‘prioritize his health’ continuing to follow neurological issues

Justin Bieber has declared that the remainder of his worldwide tour will be canceled due to health issue.

The music star lately restarted his big world trip with stops in Europe and Barca’s Rock In Rio carnival.

He has been scheduled to travel to Dubai, Tel Aviv, and Abu Dabi this october for 3 showings until Oct. 13.

Even so, Justin has affirmed that he will no longer fulfill his obligations in order to heal from neurological issues suffered previously this year.

‘Bieber announced today that the leftover date and time of his Worldwide Touare being delayed,’ according to a statement posted on the musician’s website and social media.

‘The tour, which was initially scheduled to begin in 2020 but was delayed due to the Covid, began in Feb of last year in San Francisco, CA and managed to make pauses in 10 countries all over 3 continents.

‘On Sep. 5, he declared that he would be stepping down from going on tour to focus on his wellbeing.’The announcement comes exactly one month after the 27-year-old revealed that he would be delaying the leftover tour dates due to exhaustion caused by his poor health.

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