Katherine Jenkins reunited with her misplaced backpack seconds before the Pope’s music event: ‘A True miracle,’ she says

Katherine Jenkin is liberated that her misplaced suitcase has been brought back to her after she spent 2 days in Europe without her personal items.

The Welsh musician, 43, had lashed out at British Airways after her luggage went missing previously this week while her direction to Rome to conduct at the Pope’s Xmas music event.

‘Oh god! @British Airway have lost my lugage AGAIN!’ she wrote to her 260,000 followers. ‘I’m expected to perform at the Pope’s Xmas music event in Rome tomorrow.

I’m heartbroken because I won’t be capable of performing. Please resolve this.’ And yet, after what the singer has nicknamed a «True miracle,» she was reconnected with her possessions just «30 minutes» before her Sunday performance.

‘Inform: With only 30 minutes until I go there on phase for the achievement, the suitcases have showed up,’ Katherine began writing on her Instagram Account.

Almost two days late.’ She disclosed that she was instructed to wear ‘training shoes’ while a near the area musical participant wore ‘tux tails’ all through Friday’s ‘videoed rehearsl’ in front of a listener.

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