Keke Palmer and Darius Jackson’s relationship timeframe after the actress uncovers she’s pregnant on Saturday Night Live

Keke Palmer declared on Sunday Night Live that she is awaiting her first child with hubby Darius Jackson.

Primarily known for making secret information of her life private, the 29-year-old stunned everybody when she disclosed her baby bump on the talkshow, confirming online rumors that she was pregnant.

Little is identified about the star’s companion, and based on her confined lips and his secret social media records, it appears that this will remain the case for the near future.

The scant information available was discovered on his LinkedIn profile, which affirmed he participated in continuing to act in addition to his work as a personal trainer.

Fans have previously seen got a glimpse of the pair on Keke’s Instagram and in TikTok skits, but the model’s fiance — and shortly baby daddy — is maintained out of the spotlight.

The couple allegedly met at an Issa Rae and Diddy Remembrance Day party.

The following summer, the Scream Queens star revealed their blossoming relationship by posting a cute photo of the pair on her Instagram account.

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