Konstantin Khabensky was convinced not to take a sick dog from the shelter, but he refused

Most frequently, our VIPs don’t take pets from covers, favoring thoroughbred creatures, for which they are prepared to pay significant aggregates. They accept that a pet is one of the parts of extravagance.

Be that as it may, it is as yet not worth summing up, as there are lovely special cases. One of them is the capable craftsman Konstantin Khabensky.

He ended up being an extraordinarily kind individual who didn’t assess the creature at its expense. He protected his canine, encompassing it with adoration and care.

Incidentally, she was truly debilitated and the most costly veterinarians couldn’t totally fix her.

The canine is as yet hesitant to be distant from everyone else in a dim spot and when the lights switch off, it cries mournfully, so Khabensky leaves power on.

Constantine is exceptionally joined to Frosa and takes unfathomable consideration of her.

For instance, during shooting in another city, he exceptionally leased a big house to settle there with a canine, while the remainder of the group got comfortable an inn.

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