Let’s see what this tiny calf enjoys doing the most

Steve is a spoilt calf that lives on a 9-acre farm with other animals.

Living together can be challenging, and it’s made even more difficult by Steve’s habit of sneaking into the house.

Steve sees an opportunity to enter and add to the mayhem inside the house when one of the entryways is left open.

He isn’t allowed to go into the house since he tends to slip on the floor and harm himself, yet he in the end chooses to test his karma and takes a visit through the passages.

Nicole acknowledged they hadn’t locked the entryway while she was inside the house, and she knew the very thing planned to occur; for sure, Steve should have been visible strolling down the passage serenely going into the house in two or three seconds.

Fortunately, Steve like sweets, so his mother was able to easily steer him out the exit; nevertheless, this will undoubtedly not be his last try to enter the house.

Steve is a naturally curious person who will always find a way to achieve his goals.

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