A lovely story is about a cat who prefers to walk on a dog’s back

In Yunnan territory — Kunming Street, a several strolls and entertains passers-by with their peculiar way of behaving: where a feline rides a canine, it actually has no proprietor. How could it work out?

«At the point when I had a canine at home, I needed to go for a night stroll consistently and walk it.

Sooner or later, my feline grumbled to take him with me for a walk, then, at that point, I purchased that she had a feline restraint and I began taking it with him.

During their living respectively, Mimi and Wantsai turned out to be dear companions and could never again invest energy without one another.

Presently, these indistinguishable folks walk with the proprietor on a rope, yet in addition totally alone: attached to one another by chains.

This model demonstrates the way that nearby a feline and canine can be. Such a solid fellowship is interesting. Considering the way that these creatures have something else entirely and way of life.

The proprietor has connected a unique recipient to the canine, because of which he can follow his companions in the event that they get lost.

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