Lulu, 73, is disclosed as Piece of Cake in the 2nd round of The Masked Singer UK as she performs her classic song Shout

On Sunday evening, The Massked Singer made a triumphant return to television with 6 unidentified superstar contenders performing on the stage.

To the surprise of the judge Rita Orra, Jonatan Ross, Davin McCal, and Mo Giligan, iconic singer Lulu, 73, was found to be trying to hide under the outfit after competing against Rhino.

But besides blasting out her cover of Shiver by Ed Sheeran, the star sadly placed third last, behind Jacket Potato and Rubish.Rita insisted, «Oh my God, Lulu, I adore you!» as Lulu removed her sequined strawberry mask to unveil who she was.

Lulu reflected on her hints and said, «The well was a big indicator!» Well, you end up making me want to cry! she sang before belting out her caught song Shout.

Viva Las Vegaas was playing as Jacket Potato and Fawn squared off in the opening round. Animal won over home audiences with Beauty and the Beast, pressing Jackeet Potato into the botom thre as the result.

Rubbish came next, making fun of himself and saying, «I’m the one you’ve been going to wait for and I’m coming to operate, sweeping up is what I specialize in best.»

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