Madonna is suspected to be planning a Greatest Hits tour to commemorate her 40th year in music, with different shows already scheduled at London’s O2 Arena

Madona is planning her first Compilation Album tour, with several displays already scheduled at England’s O2 Arena.

The pop musician, 65, is rumored to be planning a massive tour early part at the close of the year to commemorate four decades ever since discharge of her solo album in 1983.

The trip will also mark Madonna’s first greatest hits concert in history, with the singer performing a variety of hits from her incredible career after earlier focusing on her new songs.

‘Madonna is trying things totally new — and also really offering fans, young and old, what they really want,’ an origin told The Sun.

‘She aims to capitalize on TikTok videos of songs like Frozen and Material Girl and start introducing her entire catalog to a completely new era.

‘Earlier, she always has preferred to think ahead and focused upon what new album she is promoting. But now, in her mid-sixties, she is returning to fundamentals and reimagining herself.’

The show is expected to be as ‘no to something appropriately risqué’ as Madonna’s previous performances, with star no strange woman to risque social networking showcases.

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