Mariah Carey holds sway as the festive Queen, with All I Want For Christmas Is You reaching the top of the UK Official Singles Chart

It’s been nearly 30 years since Mariah Carey first blessed the world’s cheeks with the mellifluous melody of All I Want For Christmas Is You, but it’s still smashing the graphs.

The musician may have actually rejected being nicknamed the «Queen of Christmas,» but let’s be truthful: she definitely is in our eyes.

Just after the ongoing success of her romance, holiday melody, the 54-year-old has made it to number one on the UK’s Formal Single Chart, completing Taylor Swift’s six-week reign with Anti-Hero.

It may be a surprise that All I Want For Christmas Is You alone has reached number number 1 the UK two times.

This occurred the first time in 20219, provoking the songwriter to release a video commemorating her accomplishment.

Mariah seated front of a cosy-looking wood stove adorned with Christmas booties, trinkets, and garlands in the video distributed two years ago, having to wear a phenomenally celebratory onesie and boastfully holding her Official Charts golden statuette.

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