Meet Douglas, a cat who believes himself to be a dog

After an intense life in the city, being harassed by different felines since he was so frail, he was embraced by Luci Mahon, from Derby, and her better half brought to live close by Phoebe.

Acknowledging he could believe her, Douglas began duplicating Phoebe’s way of behaving and they turned out to be all in all a group.

‘We were both fortunate in light of the fact that I found him when he wanted me and presently he’s there when I want consolation,’ said Luci.

Luci found Douglas as a wanderer in 2015. She invested some energy attempting to catch and assist him with observing another home prior to concluding they ought to take on him.

She makes sense of: ‘I got off the transport one day and he just shot out of the shrubberies. I know the greater part of the felines in our road and I realized he didn’t live around here.

‘I was in somewhat of a race to get back yet I snapped a picture to make an inquiry or two to check whether he had a place with anybody.

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