Meet the woman who travels with her baby fox

On the off chance that you’ve been shopping for food in Merseyside as of late and suspected you saw a lady pushing around a stuffed fox, then your eyes haven’t been deluding you — it was likely Lisa Foxcroft and her child fox.

She takes Baby Jesu wherever with her, whether it’s out to the shops to get almond milk, for a ride on the transport, or to the club to get crunk.

Child Jesu found an eternity (and ever) home with Lisa.

‘I have had Baby Jesu for two years at this point, I marked the last reception papers on New Year’s Eve.’

‘He was a Christmas supernatural occurrence, a mysterious present from a companion, the present that continues to give.

I took normally to being his mum since he is only a bit of child, and I take care of him and care for him as though he is my own.’

‘That was our most memorable shopping trip attempting to eat a veggie lover diet so I expected to check in the event that he enjoyed all that I was deciding,’ Lisa makes sense of when gotten some information about taking Baby Jesu to Asda.

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