Merely weeks after meeting her, a foster dog saves his mother’s life

A shelter dog, spent 2 weeks in foster care, his first time ever in a home. «At first, he was scared,» Ana said. But once he discovered he was loved and safe something inside the dog began to change.

Ana quickly picked up on Pie’s everyday methods of communication, but one evening he did something that was totally unusual.

Rather than notifying his new parent that he needed assistance, the observant pup attempted to convince her that she, too, required assistance.

«He’s not really a big hugger, but he just leaped on my bed, sat next to me, and began cuddling me,» Ana explained.

Ana cuddled Pie for a few minutes before determining to lie down in bed because she was still sick. Pie, who usually kept his spacing, denied to let Ana escape his gaze.

Ana jumped out of bed, perplexed by his behavior, and let her attentive foster dog into the room.

Pie shifted on to his the last sanctuary after 2 weeks with the Ana family, as arranged.

He’s currently in foster care through his new shelter, but the Ana’s family wants him to return home permanently.

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