Mom gives the finest gift to a heartbroken dog dismissed at the garden

Rod enjoys making new friends. The dog, who is two and a half years old, tries to make companions with everyone he meets on his regular walks to the garden.

But every now and then, the big-hearted dog departs without a real friend or dog. «This type of thing occurs almost every moment we get out,» Riana, Rod’s mother said.

«People criticize him based on his appearance before they even meet him.» Rod was walking all over his preferred garden lately when his requests for joy were once again dismissed.

«He wanted to greet everybody with big smile to say hi to all,» she explained. When the unhappy dog noticed the difference in attention, he appeared disappointed.

«He’ll put his paw right in your hand if you let go!» He is a lovely dog who enjoys making people happy, but he occasionally forgets how big he is so I have to inform him that he can’t fit on everybody’s lap.»

«Rod entirely transformed my life,» Riana said. «He is my magical dog and the entire world.» Every day, he brings me joy and makes me feel like the blessed dog mother in the world!»

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