Mom stopped her daughter from having a hamster. And she made a decision…

Kids can find great many motivations not to do what they could do without. Yet, assuming that they truly need something, they will prevail definitely.

Laura Karnes’ 16-year-old girl, Suse, had asked a hamster the entire summer, yet her mom kept on denying. Hearing another «No», the young lady coordinated a scope mission to get the sought after «Yes».

Toward the finish of August, on her return from a walk, Laura found that her home was in a real sense covered with photos of hamsters of various kinds and sizes with subtitles, for example, «Look how great I am» and «Purchase a hamster in Susie».

Pictures were all over — from floor to roof, in the cooler, storage rooms, microwave and in the most mystery places. Suze even stuck the photograph to the latrine cover.

«I had just left for two hours,» mourns the stunned mother in the background. Laura hadn’t anticipated that.

On day mother, her little girl and child went to the pet store, where Suzy picked another companion named Snow. She is more joyful than at any other time.

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