Musya cried because she was in pain from the injections, but she continued to feed her hedgehogs in her care

There was an astounding case in Vladivostok, which was seen by occupants, and we will let you know today.

At the zoo of the city, representatives said that the feline Musya started to take care of a few stranded fledglings with her cats during her most memorable pregnancy.

A similar time what is happening was substantially more surprising — a few hedgehedgeh were left without a mother.

The hedgehog moms are gone, however 8 hedgehogs made due and for a considerable length of time they required mother’s milk. Musya heard vagrants squeak.

Coincidentally, nobody put fledglings on her. The mindful kitty herself went into their mink and started to deal with them like family members. Once in a while she even attempts to lick them.

Incidentally, such a case isn’t viewed as strange, however it is still incredibly uncommon. The sanitized Musi got milk, and the hedgehogs thought about how to act.

Musya overlooks their needles, it is more significant for her that the fledglings are full.

Be that as it may, up to this point she doesn’t experience the ill effects of them, as the scraps have milder needles, and exceptionally soon the hedgehog will never again require milk.

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