Nobody knows where the toys went until the camera is turned on

A large number of evenings, canine toys were out on the yard by Sam were disappearing — taken, apparently, by some secretive somebody with an affinity for little guys’ toys.

Sam wasn’t satisfied. However, Chisholm came to discover that another person was.

After the third evening of robberies, Chisholm and Sam had adequately about. Together, they went out onto their property looking for the missing toys. Also, adequately certain, in a place not far, they found them flung about.

That secret was tackled. However, one more remained: Who continued to take the toys?

Chisholm had an arrangement to find out. He set up a camera and heaped the toys in front it — and the following evening, the cheat returned, just to be caught on record.

Ends up, it was a coyote who’d evidently found Sam’s toys and chosen to have a good time with them a large number of evenings.

Presently Chisholm had evidence — and he was very astonished to see the offender.

Sam probably won’t have been too cheerful giving his toys with an other animal. Also, obviously, he will not need to share them for eternity.

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