‘Not one of you’ is safe from ‘suspend culture,’ according to Johnny Depp

San Sebasian, Spain – In accepting a best career prize at a renowned Spanish film fest, artist Johnny Depp introduced himself as a defendant of the «deselect culture» that, he contended, has expanded throughout the movie industry.

Deep was asked by journos at the San Sebasian Intern. Festival on Tuesday about Hollywod’s disbalance in favour for new positions as of his ex-wife, leading lady Amber Heard, made it public with spousal problems with him.

The year before last, a British court decided that the accusations were «considerably accurate.»

«This cancel-culture, or this immediate leap to conclusions based on primarily what quantities to toxic air, is a very complicated subject,» the 59-year-old actor replied.

«It’s gotten so out of hand that no one is safe anymore. So large as somebody is ready to say things, neither of you.»

Female film producers and other organizations had rebuked the show’s choice to honor Dep with the Donostia Award, the show’s ultimate prize, saying it hurt the event’s public image and sent the confusing impression to survivors of discrimination.

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