Parentless mice request the assistance of nice people to save them

Lately, 3 small but powerful mice required some assistance. They were on their own and had to survive for themselves.

So they waited patiently hoping that somebody would mention them. Fortunately, somebody else did — and just in moment.

A good Stranger] discovered 3 orphaned mice in a wooden pallet. «They were cold, sleepy, and hungry.»

The Stranger who discovered the mice took them to a treatment center. All 3 mice are doing well after some rest and a few stable meals.

«They are actually located in a small greenhouse with a wide variety of natural available food.»

«They’ll be in our recovery program until they’re completely self and capable of surviving in the wild,» Kelly explained. «When they are available, we will return them to their discovering area and liberate them.

They feel good ang happy. They will be ready to be transferred shortly and now they enjoy every moment. Meanwhile, the mice will be planning ways to produce even more when they reach the appropriate size.

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