Paris Hilton evokes elegance in an adorable white gown at a perfume branding event

On Friday, the 42-year-old former model showed up at a Nordstrm Rack store in sunshine Riverside to unveil her latest fragrance, her 30th since 2005.

Photogs and fans in general managed to snap images of Hilton as she strutted her stuff in a divinity white dress.

The graceful ground gown depicted floral patterns from head to toe, which were combined into the see-through thin fabric.

The big big grin on her face proposed that the New York City native, who also brought up in Beverly Hills, was delighted with the public reaction.

In the midst of all the focus in the car park, Hilton made it a point of stopping and stunning some of her signature postures.

The dress was styled with gemstone trim all along high neckline and all over the corset.

Nobody does lace dreses quite like Self-Portrat, so it’s no surprise they’ve amassed a cult following that contains Pippa Mattews, the Princess of Wales, and Rese Witherspon! Paris Hiltn is also on the list, actually walked out in countless chin gowns. She most lately wore this tulle deluxe gown.

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