Pig captured on camera fleeing home to steal pumpkins

Clark has a thing for pumpkins. The shelter pig is powerless to stop himself. Clark will take any pumpkin he sees on anybody’s porch, regardless of size or color.

He even rushed out of his house in search of his prized fruits, and friends captured it all on video. «I went outside one day to find his lovely fruit.» Clarck’s mother, Amy said.

«Clark had returned to the yard, but the proof was clear.» He’d made a getaway for it and eaten somebody’s sculpted pumpkin’s face! ”

«He was heading to figure out a way to sneak out and steal people’s pumpkins.» Fortunately, neighbors were captivated by the defined pig’s fruit appetite and provided him more to eat.

Amy knew Clark wouldn’t be able to consume all of the pumpkins, so she donated the extras to Pig Rescue center, where she and Clark first met.

«He’s always searching for an opportunity to get into and then checking to see if I’ve discovered,» Amy explained.

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