Ponie, the police dog, «saved» the agent’s life by giving him a heart massage

The dog is more than just a man’s best friend; he is an unavoidable animal.

Aside from showing love to any home, the dog can be trained in advanced techniques such as searching for a missing person or reassuring those who have stayed alive an injury.

And he appears to be reviving the owner, who had a heart attack. During the activities in Barcelona, a police dog named Ponie demonstrated his special abilities.

The officer stated to be incapable and fell to the ground. Ponie flew to him in an instant a nd started jumping on the breast, doing an indirect chest massage.

The purposeful creature tried for 10 seconds until the lying agent came to life.Ponie’s delight is uncontrolled.

The Barcelona police department posted a video on social media with the message, «We are proud of Ponie, who never underestimated the second to save the officer’s life.»

They are very proud and happy to have this kind of creature in their life.

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