Rescued dogs reunite a year later to reimagine an emotional photo

Cole, Trix, and Breo didn’t always have comfortable dog beds. Prior to their rescues, the three dogs shared a filthy bed in a garbage dump.

They hugged to snuggle up and calmed one another frequently, but it didn’t feel like a proper home.

When assistance arrived, everything changed. However, the group soon separated into separate care families and began living different lives.

But they will never forget the time they expended together. The 3 puppies reunited nearly a year later in a touching reunion captured on camera.

«Through joint efforts, all 3 were rescued and adopted through various organizations.» «Cole’s adoptive family located Trix and Breo, and the three were reunited last saturday.»

Recovery doesn’t get much better than this.» A detailed vet examination revealed that each would require a leg amputation in order to find forever homes.

Thankfully, this is precisely what transpired once each dog had grown healthy enough.

A lot can happen in a year, but one culture that I hope will continue is reuniting with old friends. Cole’s new mother cannot comprehend life without him.

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