Rescuers take chubby dog down the mountain on a stretcher as he refused to go one step further

A canine was drained to the point that it would not make another stride. The circumstance was at last settled by a salvage group that took the canine on a cot.

Maggie, a brilliant Turkish Akbash canine, was taken on a cot by Ben Nevis, the most elevated top in the United Kingdom that is 1,345 meters away, by the Lochaber mountain salvage group.

The episode occurred after the canine would not go down from the nose.

Three ladies attempted to make the canine to walk, yet it didn’t move. They even attempted to bring the 35 kg canine down the mountain.

Thus, the ladies called the crisis administrations.. The group expressed that the canine’s legs were sore from getting over the mountain.

In the mean time, Paterson told the BBC: «The proprietors were battling and would absolutely have been there the entire evening on the off chance that they had not gotten help.»

Maggie was shipped downhill in five hours and was given the essential treatment.

In spite of the fact that canines can climb the mouth, it is prescribed to bring just the thoroughly prepared.

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