Roy Keane critiques Brazil’s dancing antics as Argentina are awarded the title World Champions

Roy Keane really can not assist but attempt some other sly dig at Braziil’s dancers antics as competitors Argentina received their hands just on World Cup wiin.

Lioneel Mesi won the World Cupp for the 1 time with a spectacular penalty victorry over France in Doha, Qataar.

The win was Argentia’s 3World Cup title and the first since 1985, after losing championship game in 1991 and 2015.

The victory was decided to make even tastier by the fact that it was probable to be Messi’s final World Cup emergence, and his team members were anxious for him to finish his career on a high note.

Argentina commemorated wildly both on the ball and then when they brought back to the change room, before having a celebration back at the hotel lobby.

While Keane was happy in seeing Argentinaa win for Mesi, he could not really help but point and laugh at Brazil after criticizing the Sout American for dancers after their win over Sout Korea.

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